Request appoinment (Only for consultation before the trip)

The website of the International Traveler Service Center of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona (SAVI) offers you the possibility of requesting a physical or telemedicine appointment (a visit made through a teleconference with one of our professionals).



  • It is recommended to make an appointment 4 to 6 weeks before your trip, since there are vaccines that require more than one dose administered in different days to be effective.
  • During summer it is better to be more cautious and ask for an appointment with enough time since Travel Clinics are in greater demand.
  • If your trip will take place in the next 14 days, we recommend a physical appointment.
  • In any case we recommend that you visit the following link for more international travel information:


* In case of consultation after the trip, call 932275407, to request a visit in external consultations